How you can help the Amherst County Museum & Historical Society

There's a variety of ways you can support the Museum and the following are just a few:

Kinds of Donations:

  • Cash: Tax deductible and payable by credit card if you wish.

  • Pledges: Donations of cash or other assets provided to the Museum over a period of time.

  • Appreciated Securities: The donor avoids capital gains taxes and receives an income tax deduction for the full market value.

  • Planned Gifts: A planned gift can reduce the donor's estate taxes by naming the Museum as a beneficiary in personal wills, life insurance policies, IRA accounts and a variety of other ways.

Kinds of Funds:

  • General Operating Fund: This fund is used for enabling the Museum to meet its routine operating expenses on a day to day basis.

  • Capital Fund: This fund is primarily for helping the Museum meet expenses for capital improvements to the property. This includes such expenses as roof repairs, parking and driveway expansions, and facilities as restrooms and kitchen (for our new Hamble Center!).

  • Endowment: This fund is dedicated primarily to future growth, the interest income from this fund will make the Museum financially stable, for special projects and staffing.


Cash or checks can be donated, and the Museum also participates with PayPal, a system by which credit cards can be accepted, too. As with any donation, please identify the fund to which you would like to donate.

Created 10/20/2012